Premier Hydro opened the doors in 2011. The goal was to be different then the rest of the stores around, and to do it in a professional way! We were sick of walking into a hydro store and getting the same ole lack of service from the person behind the counter who knew nothing about the industry or products they were pushing. We were sick of other stores acting like the business we were giving them didn’t matter. We were sick of being talked to by someone who had just smoked one in the back, and who could care less about what they were selling or how our gardens were performing.

From day one we changed the way things used to be and made it all about the customer and how we could make things more productive for them. On top of making it a better environment to shop in with great customer service from people who truly care, we changed the way people saved money. Instead of only giving price breaks on a few items that were overstocked, we lowered our prices on the majority of our items to save the customer money. We buy way more product than we need, but we do this so we can offer BIG discounts from the bulk buying discount we received.

Our staff are some of the best people you will ever meet, and on top of that, they are some of the best growers.

Between our six staff member’s, we have a ton of experience in the industry. There are not many situations we have not been through which makes us very confident we can help any grower with any question or situation. We are very proud of the relationships we have built since 2011 and very happy to offer people a place to shop that is different from the other’s!